Every story is built on the way it’s told. We specialise in bringing out the quality unseen with the naked eye via the art of photography.


Lights, camera, action! Pictures are one thing, but the truly captivating story affects all of the senses simultaneously. An audiovisual production is the best solution to capture the “soul” of the brand.

Social Media

Stories live through communities, who spread them around and open new chapters. We help with managing the content and building relationships with consumers in real time, while the brand keeps growing.

Antolos Models

The place where the expectations are met - we provide our clients with brilliant personalities with experience in front of the lens, from who we help to choose people best fitted for the project.




Jakub Fabirkiewicz

CEO and lead photographer

He’s responsibility lies in organising and conceptualization of photoshoots, as well as supervising the production and press processing. Good relationship with the client is his priority.

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Adrianna Matyjaszek

Head manager

She is coordinating the Antolos Models Agency and organization of photoshoots with international clients. She’s also responsible for things running smoothly within the company’s inner structure.

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Iwona Spisak

Marketing manager

She is covering the customer service in the country of residence, as well as organising photoshoots, coordinating meetings and offers, handling the first line of client contact.

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Justyna Macura

Specialist for foreign customers

She is responsible for supervising the production of individual projects and part of internal promotional activities. Customer relations are our priority – building cooperation on mutual respect and trust is our way of making projects a success. Our trade specialists keep their finger on the pulse, coordinating the whole company.

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Oliwia Powroźnik

Graphic designer and retoucher

Team leader. Her tasks list includes coordinating and supervising the work of the graphic team, but above all she is responsible for the good mood and positive energy in the graphic studio.

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Kasia Kubica

Graphic arts manager

The name says it all! Like a rally driver, she’s fast and precise. With her charisma and commitment she drives the rest of the team. The right woman for the right job.

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Justyna Broda

Graphic designer and retoucher

She masks, retouches, designs – one position is not enough for her! The accelerated electron of the studio.

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Ania Kupiec

Graphic designer and retoucher

Emails, phone calls, comments and remarks are not able to throw her off balance. An oasis of peace. With her head in the clouds, but both feet safely on the ground.

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Maja Zmiertka

Independent designer and photographer

Supervising the image photoshoots and coordinating promotional graphics for clients.

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Paweł Fic

Projektant graficzny, retuszer oraz ilustrator

Paweł Fic – grafik – profesjonalista. Szybki i precyzyjny. Wieloletnie doświadczenie daje mu swobodę bardzo sprawnego poruszania się w programach graficznych. Twórczy i kreatywny, a jednocześnie wsłuchany w oczekiwania klienta. W wolnych chwilach pracuje jako ilustrator, dając w ten sposób ujście swojemu artystycznemu pierwiastkowi.

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Through the years of experience Antolos Agency evolved into rapidly growing company offering composite advertising project management – from the initial idea, through production up to promotion and viral advertising. Highly specialised teams and departments work together on every project, utilizing fresh vision and newest solutions available in the world of eve-changing marketing strategy. Thanks to photography, film-making, graphics and marketing assets we employ locally, we can ensure that our services meet the highest customer’s expectations.

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