SHARE AND RULE - Internet catalogs for sales

The ancient Romans used to say: Divide and rule. We can paraphrase this saying as: Divide and ruleBecause we are constantly sharing and re-sharing content on the Internet. We share pictures, and the information shared can quickly promise the whole world.
What if you could share your catalog without restrictions?


An online directory, thanks to the fact that it is suspended in the digital cloud can be always with you. In the 21st century, almost everyone uses a smartphone with Internet access. If you have saved a link to an online catalog, all you need is a phone or tablet to immediately send it to a client or display it directly on the device. Even if we meet a potential customer by chance, nothing stands in the way of sending or presenting a catalog right away. There is no longer any need to carry paper copies in your car or handbag. With an online catalog, you're always ready to share it with your customer.


Internet catalog gives you the opportunity to place more information and materials than the classic printed catalog. The digital version can be enriched with product videos or advertising films. Thanks to elements such as a photo carousel or zoom, you can present product details or different color versions.


Apart from easy sharing and better presentation of the product, an online catalog also shortens the path to purchase. It is possible to add a link to the website or social media directly in the catalog, as well as create links that will redirect to the online store after clicking on the selected product.



The circulation? It's no longer a limitation! With a traditional catalog, ordering the right amount of print run was a key consideration. A print run that was too small could result in the catalog not reaching all of your customers. If it was too large, it might not be fully distributed and end up in a warehouse, unused. Traditional printing means, above all, high costs. Also distribution, i.e. physical mailing, generated additional expenses. With an online catalog, its reach is limited only by the efficiency of salespeople. An online catalog can be conveniently emailed or shared online. Moreover, this can be done an infinite number of times without incurring the cost of additional effort.


An online catalog allows you to easily assess your reach and effectiveness. With the right online marketing tools, you can see how many times a catalog has been viewed or how many people have gone to an online store to buy a particular product. This is something that a traditional directory has not been able to provide.


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