COVIDA ERA - A time of reflection and new challenges


Most of us have spent years laying out our professional space, creating the reality we want to function in. Suddenly, there's a twist. Morning coffee accompanied by organizing the day's schedule in our heads suddenly tastes different. Life took us by surprise. We felt like helpless, orphaned children. We slowed down to take a journey into ourselves. What did we find there? A pool of passion and new ideas for life, for business, for ourselves - all the things we took for granted so far, we break down. We analyze the plan of action to find ourselves in the new reality. This difficult time has taken a lot out of us. Planning, which had always given us a great sense of security, was suddenly no longer obvious. We waded into unknown seas that no one had ever taught us to cross before. Not all of us were ready to be alone with ourselves. It turns out, however, that the natural need to explore one's self, and the interest in a world that has so far been confined to our repetitive reality, becomes fascinating. Suddenly we find time to learn new things, revisit old passions, and get to know ourselves in a slightly different dimension. We also have more space to spend time with our loved ones. We can support each other and often rebuild closeness, which is not so easy to celebrate during a busy day.



The mood is not conducive to business. We all tried to find ourselves in light of the new events. We have not given up hope that the trust of our customers built up over the years and the brand we have earned over the years will allow us to survive this difficult time. However, we have found ourselves in a position where we are trying once again to prove our worth, come up with new proposals, try to cope with the difficult situation and adjust our offers to the current opportunities. Despite the attractiveness of sessions in exotic countries we replace them with proposals of interesting photos from Poland. There are many places and the ideas are very creative and allow us to produce a great campaign. We cannot forget about studio sessions as well - studio is not for
our photographers a limitation, on the contrary - the right scenery, interesting context and creative approach will certainly match the effect of an away session.


Time at home is conducive to online shopping. We spend more time online - buying, following trends and searching for information. It's high time to replace traditional methods of reaching customers with modern sales techniques. Manufacturers, losing their events and trade fairs, need to replace "face to face" marketing with online advertising. Therefore, following the spirit of time and supporting eco trends, we come out with a proposal of online catalogs and encourage customers to promote themselves virtually, using the power of social media. Website, Facebook, Instagram
is the norm nowadays when it comes to promoting a company. However, we go further - we offer support for fashionable applications such as TikTok and handling of campaigns designed in a manner appropriate for a particular medium, thanks to which a company's image is even more "up-to-date" and reaching new clients becomes easier.


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