In the camera's lens - how to use video content well?

Audiovisual materials have taken the Internet by storm. We watch news, video clips, reports, interviews or simply advertisements. The combination of image and sound is undoubtedly an attractive medium which attracts the consumer's attention. However, in order to convert this temporary interest into real sales growth, the filming of the material needs to be carefully planned.


This is a fundamental question that a person ordering a video must ask himself at the beginning. Why do I need a video? What do I want to show? Where do I want to show it? Only when you know the answers to these questions can you start planning a film session and writing scripts. What is the function of our video? Is it to show the details of the product? To build brand identity or maybe to present its philosophy?


Although we all dream of advertising videos straight from the campaigns of the biggest fashion houses, sometimes it is worth betting on simplicity. A great marketing tool are videos in the genre of tutorials and tutorials. Videos showing 101 ways to tie a bikini or the best methods to wash silk pyjamas will surely find their audience. We will thus reach a new group of consumers who may be interested in our products.


We are used to the fact that most videos are shot horizontally, just like movies watched in the cinema or on TV. If we decide to make a promotional video or a tutorial that will go on our Youtube channel, this classic format is a great choice. But what about social media? If we're thinking about running a Tik Tok account or we want to add accounts on Facebook or Instagram, we should plan on shooting vertically. It's a good idea to decide where you want to publish your footage before the shoot - if only so you can determine the right format for your video.



A video can be very profitable as long as its sharing is properly planned. First, (even before the recording!) determine the format, subject and purpose of the video. Then, we choose the media in which we are going to publish the video - sometimes it's not enough to just upload it to Youtube, it's worth sharing it on social media or announcing it in the form of a news story (necessarily vertical!). For a series of tutorials or expert interviews you can set up an online blog or fanpage on Facebook. If the video is promoting the latest collection, why not hold the premiere as an online event and invite your customers to watch it together?

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