WHAT WILL BRIEFS TEACH US? - the trend for educational content

Advertisements surround us in the real and virtual world. They attack us from computer screens, websites, newspapers... The latest marketing research shows that we look at them with less and less eager eyes, looking for more valuable content.


Among the marketing trend predictions for the coming year 2022 is the displacement of hard sell by educational content. It is pointed out that people, especially young people, are fed up with advertising in its traditional form. Instead, they are often looking for inspiration or answers to their questions. What if, instead of selling your product, you provided your customers with some useful information or inspired them to take action?


Today, lingerie is coming out of the closet. The bra and panties are no longer secretly hidden under the closet. We enjoy their cut, color, texture. We like underwear. We talk about it more and more, and we talk about lingerie and body issues. It's lingerie brands that have taught and are teaching us about properly fitting bras, and they're also bringing up serious health topics. Mammography, breast self-examination, cancer prevention - thanks to bra manufacturers we talk about these issues loudly and without shame. However, there are still many socially important topics that lingerie brands can and should talk about.


Social engagement of a brand is a great way to stand out from the competition and gain customers' trust. Today's consumers are more and more conscious, they choose products that meet their expectations - not only aesthetic, but also social. Modern customers are looking for brands with whose philosophy and mission they can identify. By addressing issues important to consumers, you gain their trust and build a unique and engaged community that identifies with the brand.


Attractive content is the kind that responds to customer needs and focuses their attention. The way to success is choosing the right topic and adjusting the form of the message.
The lingerie industry is closest to the body, so it has the natural privilege of talking to its customers about the body specifically.
The forms of communication that will work best in 2022 are thematic blogs, expert articles, infographics, videos or webinars. Today's consumer wants to hear the voice of the brand and see the people behind it. This is also a great opportunity to build the position of an expert in the industry.

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