WHO TO SEDUCE? That is, cooperation with an advertising agency.

Choosing an advertising agency is a serious decision for marketing a company. How to choose well and establish a satisfactory cooperation? There is no unequivocal answer. However, it is our clients, their reactions and the trust they have built that let us take a closer look at this issue.

No risk - no champagne

A common reason a company approaches an advertising agency is because it wants a change. It needs a wizard of some sort. An originator. An analysis of previous campaigns.

This moment in cooperation is the most important. The agency should give us an idea, guided by creativity and experience. Despite the chosen goal and our idea of implementation we should get proposals that will either enrich our vision or show us a new, fresh approach to promoting our brand. For a company it is often associated with risk. Departure from current standards and plans. The agency in a sense becomes an image advisor - which means it should try to warn us against making mistakes.

Often it is from our agency that we should hear: "Let's do it differently than usual." And that's when an innovative project is born. Something that no one else has. A product "tailored" to the new trends in the world of advertising. The decision itself can become a springboard to success, and otherness and character can help achieve the unreachable.

"Restricted" competition

As we know, often the most desirable thing in running a business is TIME. Things are piling up, projects are waiting, phones are ringing off the hook and we are inundated with a wave of responsibilities related to running our business. This is when, when planning our next campaign, our agency should offer a comprehensive service. If we feel that everything will be taken care of, we gain psychological comfort and confidence that we are being treated in a professional manner. Flawless organization and impeccable communication on the part of the account manager is a key element of cooperation. Ideally, the agency offers a professional and experienced photographer and its own team of retouchers. An additional advantage may be to offer "faces" for the campaign. The database of models that the agency has at its disposal is sometimes crucial.

It is often finding the right person for a photo shoot that inspires the whole idea.

Without a doubt - the complexity of the agency service gives us a moment to breathe and feel that everything is under control.

Effect #WOW!

To seduce but not to disappoint - this is what we should demand from a good agency. Every work on the campaign must be focused on the WOW effect. At such moments we not only gain a great "companion" to work with, but also a group of people who know our expectations and values. Brand philosophy, marketing plans, aesthetics - all these aspects we have already agreed on. The only thing left is to count on even better ideas and new proposals. Long-term cooperation, which results in trust and great ideas, significantly contributes to the success of our company.

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