Marketing in crisis - a threat or an opportunity to be one step ahead of the competition?

Selling in times of crisis is a difficult task, closing many markets, cutting costs where they can, is the first action most companies take. Still little knowledge on the importance of marketing, selecting effective strategies and tactics makes it Marketing spending is being cut first. Is this the right approach? Definitely not.


Search engine algorithms do not sleep, downtime in advertising efforts, and so on, reducing traffic to the site, leads to a reduction in its ranking in the search network. Search engine Google does not understand the abandonment of our actions through the prism of the crisis, That's why it's worth thinking carefully before abandoning SEM efforts. (Search Engine Marketing). If you are running an e-commerce business, take special care to appear online Google Shopping, these results always appear first. Also do a performance audit of your store - a page that loads too slowly, unintuitive customer guidance, can completely bury your sales, which may have fallen temporarily anyway.


Contrary to appearances, paid social media advertising during a crisis can be much cheaper due to cuts in advertising budgets at other companies. Thinking and acting differently from everyone else - you have a chance to increase brand recognition At a lower cost. By planning a reasonable budget for your advertising efforts, you'll be one step ahead your competition. An example? In 1990-91, Pizza Hut pizzerias managed to increase sales by 61% at the time, When McDonalds made the decision to cut advertising budgets. During the 2009 crisis, Amazon successively introduced new products, including the Kindle. W On the first day of Christmas 2009, Amazon customers purchased more e-books than printed books. Amazon sales were up 28%.


Content is a king, we all know this saying, which has been, is and will continue to be true. W time when we have fewer orders it is worthwhile to look into improving our operations in this Scope. Well-prepared product descriptions, attractive presentation, useful to the user of the content, well optimized for search engines, will certainly translate on your company's online visibility.

It is also worth planning to creatively expand the field of social media, build up audience base, or bet on working with reliable influencers. Remember Social media marketing is a long-term process that requires appropriate frequency, consistency and ingenuity. Why do you need to take care of it? When the time has passed slowdown, you will already have brand awareness built up, instead of starting everything From scratch.

To summarize:

Marketing during a crisis does not have to mean radical cost-cutting at all - if you only your budget allows you to spend rationally - be one step ahead of others. A crisis is a good time to review your existing marketing efforts and make a bet on the innovation and competitiveness of its offerings. The time of crisis and slowdown will eventually pass, because these are the laws of the economy, and the when this happens, your strong position and image may prove to be an advantage.

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