VACATION DREAM SELLERS - about organizing a breakout session

The pandemic has thwarted our travel plans many times recently, and has put the swimwear industry to the test.

Clients stopped going on exotic vacations for economic reasons and because of travel restrictions. No travel sessions took place and marketing budgets often had to be cut. This season, fortunately, has been characterized by somewhat fewer restrictions, and some companies have started back with exotic campaigns.


Successful marketing is based on knowing your customer's needs and finding ways to meet them. Tired of the difficult station and months of restrictions, we all crave a moment of peace and respite, especially during the holiday season. As soon as the opportunity arose, tourists thirsty for freedom and southern sunshine set off en masse to travel abroad. It was a great opportunity to sell swimsuits and beach accessories.


Global brand leaders know very well that today's customer buys a brand philosophy in addition to a product. The marketing of market giants is based on the promise that their products are not just objects but also a lifestyle. A beautiful bikini, a model's tanned skin and sunset on an exotic beach is a promise of a successful vacation and an unforgettable adventure. It is a promise that a swimwear manufacturer should make to its customers.


Advertising session shot during a foreign trip opens up many opportunities to enchant the client and promote the collection. Every year we all long for carefree vacations and the charm of distant travels. The travel session is a chance to enchant the client with the view of wonderful beaches, recall the memories of the most beautiful trips or show a new tourist direction. Sunny beach is not the only exotic beauty that we can find during such session... The travel session is a great opportunity to engage a foreign model from a chosen destination, who will surely beautifully expose the holiday swimwear collection.


A good idea to organize a travel session is to engage an advertising agency experienced in travels. A comprehensive service should consist of the following elements: arranging flights and accommodation, finding an attractive location for shooting and arranging necessary permits, casting and booking a model, arranging the session on location with all the necessary elements such as make-up and styling. Usually the travel team consists of the session producer, photographer, filmmaker, assistant, make-up artist and model, unless the model comes from the location where the session is organized.


For brands that cannot afford to organize an away session in the upcoming season, a good agency will always find an interesting alternative. Pandemic creative ad agencies have shown that a good swimwear shoot can also be organized locally or in a studio. There are many possibilities, but nothing attracts us all like a distant tropical trip!

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