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Crystal Mountain

Photo shoot and advertising video for Crystal Mountain***** hotel in Wisla.


A photo shoot and advertising video for a network of educational institutions aimed at presenting unique methods of teaching and developing gifted children. In addition to the photo shoot, we conducted PR campaigns to encourage recruitment, handled visual communications and social media activities.


A photo shoot and promotional video for wool clothing manufacturer Isabee, which we produced in Tenerife. The volcanic climate of the island, the fantastic topography of the terrain and the Mediterranean climate allowed us to capture a unique atmosphere of ease, freedom and adventure, which was perfectly felt and expressed by our model.


Our session and recording of a commercial for the Nipplex brand in a climate of holiday freedom. The photos show women's sensuality, beauty and naturalness in a #BodyPositive atmosphere, which is emphasized by stylish and delicate lingerie created and tailored for each woman.


Travel advertising session in Cyprus for lingerie manufacturer Axami. Mediterranean climate, southern sun and the beauty of the model together create an atmosphere of mysterious sensuality.


A photo shoot and promotional video made for our lingerie client. Made in our studio on a lookbook background. Hosted on the brand's website and social media. This session is a combination of classic lookbook lingerie photography and fashion photography. Bold, modern and feminine styling breaks the pattern and adds some spice to the whole campaign. This session ...

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Softkraft IT

A company is people and their commitment, time and talents they share on a daily basis - that's what we tried to capture when working on a session for IT company Softkraft. An important part of our work was to show the atmosphere and openness of the company. A good presentation of the company is of great importance from the perspective of a potential employer, business partner, a ...

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Aries Hotel

Realization for Wellness & Spa Aries Hotel in Wisla. The uniqueness of this place, refined in every detail, stunning orangery, greenery and works of art on plates create a story full of magic in our photographic view.


Outbound advertising session and video production for exclusive jewelry manufacturer Evolution. We organized the session in Tenerife, where we took advantage of the natural features of nature and terrain. Depending on the nature of the collection, we wanted to bring out everything that the jewelry set is meant to highlight. The model moves seamlessly through sensuality, bold expressions of femininity and class, to girlish lightness and ...

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  Elegant, yet nonchalant, shot in a designer loft apartment, the session along with a commercial film for a lingerie client. They tell us a story full of style and class of one party night. The colorful lights, the spotlighting, is something that builds this somewhat mysterious atmosphere of the photography and the film. The energy emanating from the film makes us even more eagerly ...

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Relleciga Yoga

A photo shoot and advertising film we made for foreign client Relleciga Yoga. Dynamics, energy and movement - this characterizes our Relleciga sportswear campaign, because as ...

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Le Vernis

A very feminine session made for Polish lingerie brand La Vernis. Photos taken basically on a classic black plain background, and the whole arrangement here is created by pieces of beautifully reflective satin fabric. The whole thing in a somewhat boudoir style, which is a reflection of the style of the lingerie itself.

Lyun Magazine

A unique Marine Melancholy editorial created by us in Fuerteventura in collaboration with a wonderful team of creative people. A light, melancholy prelude surrounded by beach and sea. Bits of fabric, tulle and draping hanging in the wind tell us a nostalgic, mysterious story that one would like to explore over and over again. The session was praised by London-based art magazine Lyun Magazine, which decided to ...

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The session for the Ava brand, transporting us for a moment to a vacation in the tropics, was produced in our studio using the magical abilities of the projector. This allowed us to transform a classic, simple studio space into a completely different faraway place. The choice of visuals creating our set was not accidental, as they partner the themes and patterns seen on the lingerie, which was here ...

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Beauty Forum

The session was made in cooperation with designer and stylist Beata Bojda for the cover of the professional cosmetics magazine Beauty Forum. Ethno stylistics, which creeps in here in the form of floral patterns or a large wreath, got a completely new, changed look in this session. Strong colors, including a beautiful, juicy pink, give us a fresh look at ...

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By Dziubeka

We shot an advertising campaign, including a photo shoot and an advertising film, for the By Dziubeka brand in our loft studio in Bielsko-Biala. Photos from the campaign graced the brand's showrooms throughout Poland, and were published on social media along with the film. The photos reflect the brand's character of elegance and femininity. They are dominated by natural ...

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Photo shoot and advertising video produced on an away shoot for lingerie brand - Gaia. It was created for outdoor, indoor and social media advertising campaign. The entire campaign is characterized by lightness, naturalness and freshness. It exposes the beauty and delicacy of the presented products and, importantly, shows that the beauty of each woman lies in her individuality and ...

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A photo shoot and an advertising film realized for the brand producing hats - Kamea - in a rather unusual place for this type of products - Malta, because, after all, if hats are necessarily a frosty scenery. And yet! We show here that not necessarily. The unusual place made the session extremely original and unique, and the historic architecture of Malta became ...

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An outbound session and advertising video for the Jubitom brand, produced for indoor, outdoor and socialmedia advertising. The session focused on the details, which in this case are the brand's jewelry - Jubitom, which plays the main role here. Despite the rather rich compositions, all attention is directed here to the accessories shining in the midday sun. The whole thing is maintained in a sophisticated and elegant ...

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A photo session and advertising video produced for a brand that creates products with the most demanding and important customers in mind, namely the youngest ones. Outdoor session, made in a natural and spontaneous convention, which is a perfect reflection of children and their needs. The mission most important on this type of assignment, for us is to provide the most pleasant atmosphere on the set, so that our ...

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A campaign for lingerie brand Bella Misteria carrying an extremely important message. An intergenerational campaign, making us aware that beauty knows no division by size, origin, or age, and in fact lies within everyone. A wonderful campaign that brings all women together, crossing out all divisive frames and templates. The entire photo set took place in our loft ...

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The advertising campaign for Befado children's shoes won the hearts of viewers and made it to the advertising block on television. In addition, it was published in social media, on the website and on indoor and outdoor advertising media. Expressive, natural, colorful photos - the quintessence of a child's view of the world. The advertising film under the title , "How much is a lot" exposes the individuality that lies in ...

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