Jakub Fabirkiewicz

CEO and lead photographer

He’s responsibility lies in organising and conceptualization of photoshoots, as well as supervising the production and press processing. Good relationship with the client is his priority.

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Adrianna Matyjaszek

Head manager

She is coordinating the Antolos Models Agency and organization of photoshoots with international clients. She’s also responsible for things running smoothly within the company’s inner structure.

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Iwona Spisak

Marketing manager

She is covering the customer service in the country of residence, as well as organising photoshoots, coordinating meetings and offers, handling the first line of client contact.

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Justyna Macura

Specialist for foreign customers

She is responsible for supervising the production of individual projects and part of internal promotional activities. Customer relations are our priority – building cooperation on mutual respect and trust is our way of making projects a success. Our trade specialists keep their finger on the pulse, coordinating the whole company.

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Oliwia Powroźnik

Graphic designer and retoucher

Team leader. Her tasks list includes coordinating and supervising the work of the graphic team, but above all she is responsible for the good mood and positive energy in the graphic studio.

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Kasia Kubica

Graphic arts manager

The name says it all! Like a rally driver, she’s fast and precise. With her charisma and commitment she drives the rest of the team. The right woman for the right job.

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Justyna Broda

Graphic designer and retoucher

She masks, retouches, designs – one position is not enough for her! The accelerated electron of the studio.

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Maja Zmiertka

Independent designer and photographer

Supervising the image photoshoots and coordinating promotional graphics for clients.

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Paweł Fic

Graphic designer, retoucher and illustrator

Paweł Fic – graphic designer – profesionalist. He is fast and precise. His expereince lets him working fluently in graphic computer programs. He’s full of creativity and focused on clients expectations. In his free time he works as an illustrator to express his artistic soul.

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Natalia Byrdy

Graphic designer, retoucher

Completes the team of graphic designers by facing tasks like searching, copying, archiving, cutting, figuring everything out – without her the whole graphic studio plunges into a black abyss. She’s our extremely nice and smiling Guardian of Chaos.

Sandra Janocha

Booker in model agency

A booker at our modeling agency. Her responsibilities include casting models for our campaigns, negotiating working conditions, organizing sessions and matching all the details – for a modern mom, juggling with calendar and deadlines is the daily bread. She also scouts for new faces for our modeling agency.…

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About us

We are a multi-discipline production and model agency run by Kuba Fabirkiewicz – a photographer and art director with 20 years experience in commercial photography.

We deliver high quality visual materials, that will attract your audience and sell your product: campaigns, catalogs, lookbooks, product videos, fashion videos, tv commercials, and many others.

We do that based on a strong commitment to our clients and their success.
And, we do that anywhere in the world.

Only sky is the limit!