Playing with light in photography and film - workshop on light: "Fundamentals of light photography"

Playing with light in photography and film - workshop on light: "Fundamentals of light photography"

Proper light setting is a key element in photography and film and is of great importance for the final visual effect. What will the workshop on light conducted by Pawel Mrowc teach you?

What does the gaffer's work affect and what effects can be obtained by properly creating light? - workshop on light

Creating mood and atmosphere: Light has the ability to influence the perception of emotion and atmosphere in a picture. In a properly lit scene, such as the soft light of a sunset, a romantic mood can be sharpened, while in an intensely lit and contrasting scene, tension and drama can be created. By precisely manipulating the direction, intensity and temperature of light, the photographer can create a variety of emotions and expressions.


warsztaty ze światła(Photo: Ula Kóska)

Emphasize detail and form:
By using the right light sources and light direction, a photographer can highlight important details, textures and forms of objects. Light can model the three-dimensionality of objects, which gives the image depth and clarity.

To evoke a particular mood in a scene: In film photography, the right light setting helps build the right atmosphere in a scene. For example, soft light can add romance and subtlety, while hard light can give a scene a raw and realistic feel.

Contrast control: Correct light alignment controls the contrast between light and dark areas in an image. Adequate contrast is key to achieving tonal balance, making the image more legible and aesthetically pleasing.

Eliminate unwanted effects and shadows: The cooperation of different light sources can eliminate unwanted effects, such as too strong shadows or underexposed areas. The right light can also hide certain defects in objects or models.

Highlighting and separation of objects from the background: Light can help separate the main objects from the background, so you can focus the viewer's attention on the key elements of the composition.

Creating special effects: Proper manipulation of light allows the creation of a variety of special effects, such as backlighting, reflections, bokeh effects and background modeling.

The workshop on light, "Fundamentals of Light Photography," led by Pawel Mrowc, is a unique opportunity for participants to understand the crucial importance of proper light placement in film photography. By learning how to manipulate light, participants will gain knowledge and skills that will allow them to achieve excellent results in their photographic work. Light is an extremely powerful tool for creating unique and expressive shots, making the story told by an image even more compelling and exciting.

The light workshop "Fundamentals of Light Photography" is an excellent choice for those interested in film photography and the development of skills in this field. During the training, Pawel Mrowiec, provides participants with an in-depth knowledge of film and flash light and their differences and practical applications.

What you will learn at the light workshop "Fundamentals of Light Photography"

The first stage of the workshop focuses on an introduction to film and flash light. Participants will learn the differences between these types of light and how to use them in the context of fashion, portraiture or e-commerce. Techniques for combining flash and film light to achieve interesting effects are also discussed.


warsztaty ze światła(Photo: Ula Kóska)

Another topic is tools and equipment used in film photography. Participants will learn about different types of lamps, modifiers, light filters and tripods, and how to practically use these tools to achieve the desired lighting effects.

The basics of film lighting is another important part of the workshop. Pawel Mrowiec discusses the different types of movie lights and their practical application. Participants will learn how to manipulate the direction and intensity of light to create unique lighting effects, as well as how to use lighting to create special effects on a film set.

Composition and style is another important part of the workshop. Participants will gain knowledge of the principles of light composition in an image and learn how to create the right atmosphere in their photos using light. Paweł Mrowiec will share his tips on planning shots and light sequences, which will allow participants to better prepare for photo shoots.

As part of the practical part of the workshop, participants will perform a variety of tasks related to light manipulation. They will have the opportunity to participate in photo shoots, where they will use different types of lights and lighting. After completing the practical exercises, Pawel Mrowiec will discuss the completed works and give participants valuable tips on improving photographic techniques.


warsztaty ze światła(Photo: Ula Kóska)

Pawel Mrowiec is an experienced photographer and gaffer who boasts an impressive portfolio of publications in well-known magazines. His years of experience working with film and flash lighting make him an ideal mentor for anyone looking to expand their skills in this field.

The "Fundamentals of Light Photography" workshop led by Pawel Mrowc is a unique opportunity for film photography enthusiasts to develop their skills, gain valuable tips from a professional and share their passion with other enthusiasts. For more information and to sign up for the workshop, visit

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