Employee Branding photography step by step

Employee Branding photography step by step

In today's competitive business world, maintaining an authentic and strong image as an employer has become a key factor for any company. In this context, Employee Branding Photography is emerging as a powerful tool to portray the true character of an organization and the commitment and unique qualities of its employees. Reflecting the company's values, its culture and a consistent image of its employees are the foundations on which the entire process of creating a convincing employee branding is based.

An important aspect is the individual approach to each employee, which is made possible by a psychological profile that analyzes the personality, passions and values of the people employed. This makes capturing their authenticity in photographs possible. Combining this with a professional stylist, who will ensure consistency of appearance in the photos, creates a comprehensive approach to photography for employee branding.

Aspects of executing an Employee Branding Photography photo shoot to bring out and showcase the best in a company and its employees are key. Through collaboration, advanced photographic techniques and an understanding of individual client needs, it is possible to create a strong image that will attract not only potential employees, but also customers, investors and business partners.

Fotografia employee branding
(Photo: Ula Kóska for Aleph Zero)


Employee Branding photography in line with the company's brandbook

Producing employee photos in accordance with the company's brandbook is of great importance for building a consistent image of the organization and effective employee branding.

Consistency in image: The company's brandbook sets guidelines for the colors used, typography, logo, graphic style, etc. Employees are the company's business cards, so it is important that their photos are consistent with the rest of the brand's visual elements. This contributes to a professional and trusted image of the organization.

Employee Identification: The compatibility of the photos with the brandbook makes it easier for customers, business clients or other colleagues to identify employees. A consistent style of photography helps build a bond between employees and customers and within the company.

Confidence building: Compliance with the brandbook gives the impression of commitment and attention to detail, which translates into a positive image for the company. When employees present themselves according to the established guidelines, it is easier for customers to trust the brand, as it creates an impression of professionalism and reliability.

Expression of culture and values: Through photographs in line with the brandbook, the organization's culture and values can be expressed. For example, if a company promotes innovation and flexibility, employee photos should reflect this, such as through dynamic frames or vivid colors.

Effectiveness in advertising: Photos of employees consistent with the brandbook can be used in advertising campaigns, on websites, in promotional materials, etc. Image consistency has a positive impact on the effectiveness of these marketing activities.

Customer brief and final result - two elements that lead to success - Employee Branding Photography

Elements to understand in order to achieve the final result in accordance with the client's expectations and brief:

Understanding customer expectations: Discussing the details with the client allows the photographer to better understand what the company expects from the photo shoot. Learning about the client's goals and intentions allows the photographer to tailor the photography to meet specific needs and requirements, leading to a more satisfying end result.

Individualized approach: Every company has its own unique values, culture and goals. Discussing the brief allows the photographer to take a personalized approach to the client, which is crucial for employee branding. This allows the photographer to focus on capturing the authentic character of the company and employees.

Customer satisfaction: Delivering a service that conforms to the brief from the client translates into satisfaction and trust on the part of the client. When the service provided meets expectations, the client can be confident that their vision will be properly realized, which builds a positive relationship with the photographer and can lead to further cooperation in the future.

Fotografia Employee Branding
(Photo: Ula Kóska for Aleph Zero)


Taking pictures vs. later exploitation in various media - what to pay attention to?

Taking Employee Branding Photography based on different fields of exploitation, such as social media, press, large-format printing, etc., is crucial, as each of these mediums requires a different approach and customization of images to effectively convey the message and enhance the company's image.

Social Media: Employee branding photos used in social media should be attractive and eye-catching. This medium is all about speed of communication, so photos should be crisp, focused on key aspects, while capturing the authentic character of employees and the company. In social media, smaller frames and cropping are often used, so photographs need to be properly prepared to take full advantage of the potential of this medium.

Press: Press media often use larger sized photos, allowing for more detailed presentations. Here it is crucial that the photos are of high quality, properly exposed and fully reflect the company's culture. Compliance with brandbook guidelines and consistency with the rest of the company's press elements are key to an effective message.

Large-format printing: Large-format advertisements, such as billboards and banners, require photographs of very high resolution and quality. Photographs must be properly prepared for printing in large sizes to avoid loss of quality. In this type of media, it is crucial that the photos are captured in such a way that they attract the attention of passersby and clearly convey the company's message.

Other media and applications: Employee branding photos can be used in various other media and applications, such as promotional materials, presentations, website, etc. Adapting photos to a specific medium and purpose is key to effectively communicating company values and building a positive image.

Psychological Profile of an Employee vs. Employee Branding Photography

In the process of creating Employee Branding photographs, an important element is to maintain authenticity and fidelity to the character of the employees. Therefore, an increasingly common practice is to develop a psychological profile of each employee before the photo shoot.

In preparation for the shoot, individual meetings are held with employees, which allow photographers to get to know their personalities, passions and values. In this way it becomes possible to capture natural facial expressions and bring out the unique qualities that characterize individual employees.

With a psychological approach, Employee Branding Photography takes on authenticity and captures the essence of the company. The photographs not only present employees as part of the organization, but also show them as individuals who bring value and contribute to the company.

The appropriate use of the psychological profile of an employee in Employee Branding photography allows for a consistent portrayal of the company's image, which can help strengthen brand identity and attractiveness as an employer.

Fotografia Employee Branding
(Photo: Ula Kóska for Antolos)

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