Brief description of the project

Advertising campaign of hats for Kamea brand.




Photos: Kuba Fabirkiewicz
Model: Shalana
MUA: Dagmara Śrama-Pieńkowska
Video: Pinch Creative
Production: Justyna Macura


Photo shoot and advertising film realized for the brand producing hats - Kamea - in a place quite unusual for this type of product - Malta, because if you like hats it's necessarily a freezing scenery. And yet! Here we show that not necessarily.

Unusual place made the session extremely original and unique, and the historic architecture of Malta became in this case an exceptional, very elegant background. Historic buildings, scarred by the tooth of time, with shutters straight from the previous era, combined with current trends in fashion, make an incredibly interesting fusion of times, emphasizing the timeless nature of the brand and its products.