Brief description of the project

Session and film for indoor, outdoor and socialmedia advertising shot in our loft studio.


By Dziubeka


Photo: Kuba Fabirkiewicz

Styles: Katarzyna Oziembała

MUA: Lena Zięba-Zalewska

Model: Barbara

Fashion Designer: Natasha Pavluchenko

By Dziubeka

We carried out an advertising campaign, including photo session and advertising film, for By Dziubeka brand in our loft studio in Bielsko-Biała. Photos from the campaign appeared in brand stores throughout Poland, and along with the film were published in social media.

The photos reflect the brand's character - elegance and femininity. They are dominated by natural colors such as white, black or beige, against which shiny stones from the By Dziubeka collection are beautifully exposed.

Despite the elaborate, ornate outfits, jewelry still plays first fiddle here.