Elegant Magazine

Brief description of the project

We produced a unique editorial with a very sonorous name , "Girls".




Photos: Adrianna Fabirkiewicz

Models: Victoria - Mango Models, Magda - Gaga Models

MUA : Caro Adamska, Lena Zięba-Zalewska

Stylist: Karolina Adamska

Location: Molosiowka settlement

Elegant Magazine

,'Dziewuchy' is a fantasy about girls who lived in the mountains decades ago. We found them in photographs aging together with a 100-year-old house in the hamlet of Molosiówka in the Babia Góra massif. No one lives here anymore. They all left for better places, where life is easier and less dependent on the forces of nature. They left behind only their photos and personal belongings - clothes, mirrors, makeup accessories, books, tools, paintings. We can only guess who the inhabitants of Molosiowka were. Letting our imagination run wild, we tell their story anew.