Lyun Magazine

Brief description of the project

Marine Melancholy editorial published by Lyun Magazine


Lyun Magazine


Photos: Kuba Fabirkiewicz

Model: Aleksandra Kaczmarek

Production: Justyna Macura

MUA & hair: Lena Zięba

Dress: Kalina Kocemba

Video production: Bartosz Grol



Lyun Magazine

A unique editorial Marine Melancholy created by us in Fuerteventura in collaboration with a wonderful team of creative people.

A light, melancholic prelude surrounded by beach and sea. Pieces of fabric, tulle and drapes blowing in the wind tell us a nostalgic, mysterious story that we would like to explore over and over again.

The session was appreciated by London-based, artsy Lyun Magazine, which decided to publish it.

You can see the video below.