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Brief description of the project

Editorial , "Dragonfly" published in Trend Priv Magazine.


Trend Priv Magazine


Photos: Maja Zmiertka

Model: Paulina, Nikola

Production: Justyna Macura

MUA & hair: Sabina Pruchnicka

Styles: Caro Adamska

Trend Priv Magazine

Fairytale "Dragonfly" editorial created in our agency by Maja Zmiertka.

Inspired by nature and its wealth of colors, textures, forms. The main theme here is, as the name suggests - a dragonfly. Velour costumes, multicolored wings and antennae projected from a projector, create beautiful compositional images with models playing the role of these small, yet incredibly colorful creatures.

The editorial was appreciated and published in the American Trend Priv Magazine.