Brief description of the project

Advertising campaign for Polish children's footwear brand Befado.




Photo: Kuba Fabirkiewicz, Maja Zmiertka
MUA: Agata Maluje
Production: Iwona Spisak
Video: Bartosz Grol, Patryk Zawadzinski

The advertising campaign for Befado children's shoes won the hearts of the audience and made it to the advertising block on television. Additionally, it was published in social media, on the website and on indoor and outdoor advertising media.

Expressive, natural, colorful images - the quintessence of a child's view of the world. The commercial titled "How much is a lot" exposes the individuality that lies within each child.

Below you can also take a peek behind the scenes of this commercial by watching the making of this crazy project. The shooting took place in our loft studio with huge, post-factory windows, giving beautiful, soft daylight, which brightened and enlivened the scenography.

Be sure to check out this video, because... Oh, it's happening!