Brief description of the project

Advertising campaign for lingerie brand Bella Misteria




Photo: Kuba Fabirkiewicz
Styles: Caro Adamska
MUA: Lena Zięba-Zalewska
Models: Sophie, Kasia, Basia, Ania
Video: Bartosz Grol, Patryk Zawadzinski


The campaign for Bella Misteria lingerie brand carries an extremely important message. It's an intergenerational campaign that makes us aware that beauty is not divided by size, origin or age.

A wonderful campaign that brings all women together and crosses out all divisive frames and templates.

The whole shooting took place in our loft-style photo and film studio in Bielsko-Biała. Large windows and lots of daylight, which we have at our disposal, made the campaign gain a lot of natural charm.